iOS 7 Screen Saver


For those that want to bring iOS 7 and OS X closer together, you can start by adding the iOS 7 lock screen as a screensaver to your Mac.The lockscreen is based on Andrew Ambrosino’s iOS 7 inspired look for OS X 11. It has the same font, and starry wallpaper found in iOS 7 as well.

Customize it ! Choose between many option like

  • Clock & clock size
  • Wallpaper and wallpaper animation
  • Text color between black and white
  • Customize “Press key to unlock” string

Step 1: Install iOS 7 Screensaver

The design is made available thanks to part-time graphic designer Bodysoulspirit. All you need to do is download iOS 7 Screensaver for Mac onto your computer, then open the .dmg file and click on “Install iOS 7 Screensaver.”

Step 2: Enable iOS 7 Screensaver

Now, just open up System Preferences and go to Desktop & Screen Saver. Scroll down and select iOS 7 Lockscreen and you’re all set. Except, you’ll want to customize it a little bit now.

Step 3: Personalize iOS 7 Screensaver

Click Screen Saver Options to change the text color or screensaver image. The time and date displayed will reflect our system’s time and date, but if we choose to, we can select a 24-hour format for the screen saver clock instead.

We can even change the “Press Key to Unlock” message to display anything we want, in any color we want, like maybe “Slide to Unlock,” though you won’t be sliding anything.

Quick, simple, and easy. Now your devices are twins. Enjoy