Popular Mac Screensavers

MovingPhotos 3D

MovingPhotos 3D

This saver arranges your photos to form 3D constructions, such as a city block with buildings.


Analogy Screensaver

Analogy is a typographic clock which fuses the immediacy of digital with the visual-spatial quality of analogue into a hybrid format.

Time Machine Screensaver

Time Machine

A time machine-like animation that loads as a screensaver. Choose between normal or RSS version.

HAL 9000

HAL Screensaver

John GruberGorgeous homage to HAL by Joe Mackenzie. I haven’t used a screensaver on my computer in at least 10 years, but I’m running one now.


Euphoria Screensaver

A port of the Windows OpenGL ScreenSaver made by Terence M. Welsh, full of abstract colors and shapes.


Econ Screensaver

The screensaver that uses your icons, flying through them in high quality icon bliss. It automatically gathers them from your /Applications folder.

Fenêtres Volantes

Fenêtres Volantes Screensaver

Taking your open applications and catapulting them around the screen in a really great effect.

Plasma Tunnel

Plasma Tunnel Screensaver

A swirling vortex of screensaver delight.

Red Baron

Red Baron Screensaver

Fly behind a classic bi-plane as it soars across idyllic scenery.


HyperSpace Screensaver

Hyperspace is a screen saver that sends its users on a virtual trip through a wormhole, just like the ones in some sci-fi TV shows and movies.

Digg Stack

Digg Stack

Digg Stack shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. Diggers fall from above and stack up on popular stories. Brightly colored stories have more Diggs.

Shuffle Saver


Loads your favorite photos from flickr.com or iPhoto and shuffles them. You get new photos everytime the screensaver starts.

Alien Sun Clock

Alien Sun Clock Screensaver

Alien Sun Clock Screensaver lets you look at the usual things in a surprisingly new way with a warm, radiant clock.

Solar Winds

Solar Winds

This is a very mesmerizing particle effects saver. Tweak the settings a little and you’ll find that you can achieve an amazing number of different patterns.

Lotsa Water

LotsaWater Screensaver

This screensaver renders a fairly realistic water effect over your desktop, showing it distorted through the wavy surface of the water as raindrops fall on the surface.

Digg Arc

Digg Arc Screensaver

Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail people as they Digg stories across topics. Stories with more Diggs make thicker arcs.


AlphaBaby Screensaver

A great screensaver for kids, displaying letters, numbers, shapes and sounds as you interact with the mouse and keyboard.

National Geographic

National Geographic Screensaver

National Geographic, the standard bearer for quality images delivers with this screensaver. A spectacular slideshow of pictures from around the world.

Artecnica Clock


A funky timepiece with a variety of different number styles and graphics.



When the computer is inactive after the specified time as set in the Screen Saver preference pane, the dashboard is displayed and the users’ desktop is hidden


Flux Screensaver

Dancing, pulsing, colorful and beautiful.

Holding Pattern Coach Class

Holding Pattern Coach Class

Free version with 15 aerial views – a great way to try out screen saver cinema.


SoundStream Screensaver

Soundstream is a Mac OS X screensaver that responds to sound input. Colorful Flurry-like streams pulse to the beat of music or bloom with ambient noise.



ScriptSaver is a Mac OS X screensaver which runs AppleScripts when it activates and deactivates. Great for performing maintenance, or updating iChat status when the computer is idle.

Save Hollywood

Save Hollywood

This screensaver allows you to display QuickTime Movies as a screensaver. Useful for taking a little time out.


Fireflies Screensaver

Possible a little more dramatic than a real-life firefly, but still cool.

Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Reloaded Screensaver

No one can claim that they don’t feel a little bit cool with a Matrix screensaver. Go on – try it out…


SkyRocket Screensaver

A gorgeous firework screensaver, rending in 3D with realistic graphics and sound.

Under The Sea 3D

Imax Under The Sea

A delightful, high quality, look at life under the sea. Typical IMAX delight!


Lotsa Escher Screesaver

This is a screensaver which displays an animated version of M.C. Escher’s Print Gallery drawing. Great for art fans!


Snowflakes Screensaver

We’re still a long way off Christmas, but it’s worth downloading to have handy when December comes around…

Surveillance Saver

Surveillance Saver

SurveillanceSaver is a simple screen saver that displays more than 1000 surveillance cameras worldwide.


Helios Screensaver

Helios is a particle attraction/repulsion screen saver where “blobs” emit and receive multi-colored particles. It’s difficult to describe, but as some have said about the screen saver, it’s pretty insane.


Presstube Screensaver

Fast paced and unusual, with a random array of sketches and drawings being quickly drafted on your screen.