Top Mac OS X Screensavers


Mac Screen Saver ToasterClone

A (relatively) modern remake of the classic “Flying Toasters” screen saver from the After Dark collection. There have been many remakes of this screen saver, and ToasterClone isn’t the best, but it’s one of the only ones that works past OS X Snow Leopard.


RedPill Matrix Screen Saver

Matrix Screen SaverA classic Matrix-like screen saver that was originally developed years ago but abandoned by its developer. Thankfully, a fan took the code and recompiled it for OS X Mavericks compatibility, and it works and looks great on Apple’s latest operating system.



LotsaWater ScreensaverA cool screen saver that creates a realistic top-down water effect. You can have the effect appear over your current desktop, or choose a custom image for a background. A slew of options give the user the ability to configure the water effect to their heart’s desire.


Plasma Tunnel

Plasma Tunnel Screen SaverThis awesome screen saver displays a never-ending tunnel of lights and colors, which can be customized and change as you warp through the plasma. It reminds me of the sliding effect from the TV show Sliders. One caveat for those with multiple displays: you’ll need to go into the screen saver’s options and enable “show on all displays” to get it to work. Even then, it’s a mirror on all displays instead of independent animations.



Hyperspace Screensaver

An exciting and fast-paced space screen saver that sends users hurtling through wormholes, past nebulae, and warping through star fields. The screen saver has been around for years, but the developer has continued to update it, including providing full resolution support for Macs with Retina displays.



FliqloThis screen saver mimics an old-school flip clock and was all the rage a few years ago. Although it’s less common now, it still looks great and provides some utility to boot!